• Charts - 13/4-20/4/08

    21 Apr 2008, 09:50 by Kapitankraut

    101 unique artists last week, although one of them was a mis-tagging, so we'll call it an even 100. More than 800 tracks played, too, which isn't bad at all. How accurate these charts are remains to be seen, due to the alleged "16 hours of power issues" (for which read "60 hours and counting") which LastFM's seen fit to have.
    Needless to say, the usual fawning sycophants are going on about how wonderful the site is when everything's running properly. That was presumably before it was launched.
    Anyway, these charts (the last I'll analyse before I go overseas, and possibly the last I'll analyse before I return in August) have returned from Cuba but still heavily influenced by their time there.

    8. La Chicana
    Argentinean tango music. One of the strangest things I think I've had on my charts in a while. I think I had the wrong idea of what this would sound like, and was expecting more of the really stereotypical tango sound with bandoneon and all. …
  • Hagfors hedras på last.fm?

    9 Apr 2006, 17:32 by Nemralis

    Well, vi har åtminstone startat en group för alla oss som härstammar från denna brukskommun i hjärtat av Värmland, precis som Christer Sjögren (sångare i bl.a. Vikingarna), Jimmy Jansson (f.d. The Poets) och alla andra "världsartister".

    Har även tagit mig friheten att connecta mer lokala band till listan, såsom numera splittrade(?) Bobcat Sumosouls. Självklart har jag inte heller glömt en av våra största stoltheter, Monica Zetterlund.

    Om ni vill gå med i gruppen så är det bara fritt fram, förutsatt att ni är från Hagfors. Kom gärna med synpunkter på fler artister som har rötter här. Det kan även ni andra göra som inte är Hagfors-bor, förvisso.