• Songs I would use to break a heart...

    20 Dec 2005, 19:14 by Galahad_duLac

    I should have spent the last hour with writing a term paper about China's Economy... But instead i used my time to think about beautiful songs.
    There are different ways a song can be unforgettable, different ways a song can effect someone's soul. Sometimes the lyric touches you, and sometimes the melody get's you. And in some cases a song creates pictures in your mind you will remember every time you hear it.
    I thought about this a long time and I think its not the music that creates these feelings or pictures in our minds. Its our mind that crafts those emotions, those pictures, those hopes and those fears into the music.
    Music just opens a door and leads us a way. It's some kind of anchor for our emotions, it strengthens our feelings in some way.
    Music is able to break a heart. Or even heal one.

    Anyway... Whats absolutly essential for a heartbreaking moment is the right girl ;-)

    The lists contains many barely unknown songs and some real classics. …