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Jim McCray is the originator of "Outsider Pop," a brand of pop music which is by definition not popular.

90's experimental punk / emo / indie guy. At least half of his body of work is about heartbreak. The rest varies from musings over the fragility of life, to stories of homelessness and drug abuse, to personal doubts in his own ability to create.

Starting as experimental cassette releases that Jim recorded in his free time, the group was formed as a break from the hardcore band Shlumpf that Jim was in with Scott Mercado of manuok, Michael Borden ( Grit Dogs )
and Josh Esquibel. The sound was more akin to powerpop or poppunk.

The original lineup was Jim on guitar and vocals,
nathen maxwell ( Flogging Molly ) on bass guitar
and Kurt Barlage of The Pacific playing drums.

The most recent band lineup included Mike Peralta (The Rolling Blackouts) on bass guitar and Scott Souza on drums.

Currently Jim McCray resides in Brooklyn, NY.

alternate projects:
the new sorrows
black hands for red faces (Jim McCray with Thomas Whaling)

prior projects include:
the el camino




"Stick (Can't Drive One)" - Riot Nrrrd (1994) 90 minute Cassette

"Experimental And Mostly Improvised" - Riot Nrrrd (1994) 90 minute Cassette

"Demons Are Behind You: Broadcast From Hell" - Flavored With Meat (1995) 7"

"NoFuckingAround" - Riot Nrrrd (1995) 90 minute Cassette


"Set Sail For Midnight" - Seismic Records (2001) CD Compilation

"Love and Cigarettes" - Square Circle Records (2000) Double 7" Split with SHABONO

"Execution of Karma" - Insurance Scam Records (1998) CDep

"Strong Man Wins" - Mensual Records (1998) CDep

"Clear" - Insurance Scam Records (1998) split 7" with Bossk

"Cup 'A' Cornia" (Compilation) - Flavored With Meat (1995) 12" Vinyl

"Never/Ever" - Flavored With Meat (1995) Cassette

"Speed Entry" - Flavored With Meat (1995) Cassette

"Rest The Returns Then Edge The Zombies" - Flavored With Meat (1996) Cassette

"Gymicrae" - Flavored With Meat (1997) 4 song Cassette single



"Set The Field On Fire" - Live Outdoors in Chris' Backyard (1992) Cassette

"E-Coli" (AKA "Smokin' Crack) - Giant Robot Records (1993) Cassette

"Nasty Amber" - Giant Robot Records (1993) Spiffy Records (1996) Cassette

"Shlumpf (UPC SYMBOL)" - K.N.O.W. Records (1994) 7" Vinyl 3 Song Single

"Cup 'A' Cornia" (Compilation) - Flavored With Meat (1995) 12" Vinyl

"Nothing To Believe In" (Compilation) - K.N.O.W. Records (1996) CD


* Torrance, Redondo Beach, California, USA
Where the band was formed.
* 1993
What year the band was formed.

Jim McCray, active 1992 to present day.
Address of official band website(s).
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