• Jethro Tull & Colosseum @ Arena, 2nd July 2010

    11 Jul 2010, 22:19 by RSt123

    Fri 2 Jul – Jethro Tull, Colosseum

    I didn't know Colosseum up to now and so it was a bunch of new songs
    for me :). But I liked their songs, I'll look around for some Albums of them :).

    And Jethro Tull were quite ok, they played music from the end of the 1960ies, the 1970ies and also some of the 1980ies (or even newer, I don't know);
    some highlights were: Songs From the Wood, Thick as a Brick, Bouree and Aqualung and the encore was an extended version of Locomotive Breath.

    From time to time Ian Anderson talked to us and told some stories behind the
    songs and about the time they were recording it.
    Some people said they haven't seen them in such a good mood and
    form for years so it really must have been a good gig even to their own
    standards :).
  • Jethro Tull

    20 Jun 2009, 07:39 by IlyasAhmed

    23 марта. Среда.
    На концерт пошёл в кампании с Леной me mine и другими товарищами. В зал зашёл, когда Чепарухин объявлял начало концерта и разогревающий коллектив - фолк-рок группу Farlanders, вместе с которой выступает Инна Желанная. Неплохая музыка, построенная на русских народных традициях, с привлечением дудок и волынки. Правда, к концу сета они мне наскучили - однообразно немного.
    Спустя 15 минут после Farlanders вышли Jethro Tull - высшая лига рока. Группа с отличным взаимопониманием, исполняет прекрасную и выдающуюся музыку Яна Андерсон. Андерсон - отличный шоумен: выдал за концерт набор первоклассных шуток, делал комичные позы, вообще как истинный англичанин сочетает в себе профессиональное и ироничное отношение к музыке. Особенно забавно было, когда Ян, играя на флейте, пытался как-будто избавится от чего-то привязавшегося к его ноге. :) Инструменталист уникальнейший, а вот голос ослабел -и мне он только местами нравился. А вообще мужик весёлый, и музыка у него такая же: в ней удивительно сплетается серьёзное и забавное.
  • Summery of .v. 16

    21 Apr 2008, 08:44 by Snowman01

    Acid Mothers Temple
    Alan Parson Project
    Alice In Chains
    Allman Brothers Band
    Ars Nova
    Atomic Rooster
    Bachman Turner Overdrive
    Black Mountain
    Black Sabbath
    Black Widow
    Blind Faith
    Blind Guardian
    Blue Cheer
    Blue Oyster Cult
    Blues Traveler
    Bob Dylan
    Bruce Dickinson
    Bruce Springsteen
    Canned Heat
    Chroma Key
    Circus Maximus
    Danko Jones
    Dark Crown
    David Bowie
    Deep Purple
    Def Leppard
    Demons & Wizards
    Derek and the Dominos
    Devil Doll
    Dream Evil
    Dream Theater
    Electric Eel Shock
    Electric Light Orchestra
    Elton John
    Emerson, Lake and Palmer
    Eric Clapton
    Fairport Convention
    Fates Warning
    Fleetwood Mac
    Flower Travellin' Band
    Foo Fighters
  • Top 20 for 2001 - Retrospective

    12 Feb 2008, 17:08 by edimervaldo

    2001, a year of many changes. The year of Uriah Heep and vinyl records.

    Here, the 20 most relevant songs I've heard that year.

    20 - Mountain - Mississippi Queen A very good and powerful song
    19 - Uriah Heep - Rain A sad and beautiful balad
    18 - The Byrds - I Knew I'd Want You The top hit in the beginning of the year
    17 - Uriah Heep - Love Is Blind An unusual song, since Peter Goalby sings rather than screaming
    16 - Roger Whittaker - New World In The Morning In hard times, nothing better than believe that everything will change from today to tomorroy
    15 - Uriah Heep - Chasing Shadows Here Goalby screams. A lot. But who cares? It's a great song
    14 - The Beatles - Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite! Define psychedelia in one song: this song
    13 - Uriah Heep - On the Rebound It's a replay
    12 - Uriah Heep - Sweet Lorraine Incredible moog sound. Note: the vinyl version sounds better than the CD one
    11 - Spirit - I Got a Line on You Spirit was the best surprise of the year (to me, obviously)
  • A Brief History Of...Progressive Rock

    30 Jan 2008, 23:33 by BadgerJohn31

    The description and playlist below are from the weekly radio show (A Brief History Of…) that my friend and I host on WSUM 91.7fm Madison (the University of Wisconsin's radio station). We selected songs we felt were either historically important or just representative of each specific topic. Please comment if you feel we missed something or just to give your opinion. Remember, however, that we do this show in an hour (about 50 minutes of music). Track length is a major factor in our decisions (shorter is usually better). Thanks! (Thanks to Winter break open scheduling, we were able to make this a three-hour Brief History of Progressive Rock. A one-hour History of Prog show would have been nearly impossible, since many of the most important songs run 8 minutes if not 20. Even so, the show remains far from comprehensive.)

    A Brief History of...Progressive Rock is an oxymoron. This show takes a not so brief look at the results of musicians' realizations that rock could be more than just a form of pop music; it could be art. …