• Eddie Benjamin - A Friend Always

    6 Jul 2008, 20:03 by mikezehnder

    I try, but I can't honestly claim to be unbiased. Jesse Bartlett-Webber is my son. He entitled his senior performance at Bennington College "Ear to the Grindstone," to express the hard work that went into composing, arranging, rehearsing and performing his music. He dedicated it to Eddie Benjamin who had died suddenly and unexpectedly the previous February while playing basketball. Since Eddie was one of my closest friends for over thirty years, he knew and loved Jesse since he was born. Eddie was enormously encouraging and proud of Jesse's musical endeavors.
    Ear to the Grindstone is the documentation of the two performances. Jesse composed and performed a piece called "Anthem for Eddie," as the final tune in the concert, but the rushed schedule left little rehearsal time, so Jesse was less than satisfied with its performance. Immediately upon returning home from graduation, Jesse resolved to assemble a quintet of Detroit musicians to cut a professional quality recording of the number.