• John, Let Me Go vs. Johhny Johhny Ooh Ooh & Where are the Lerches?

    10 Jan 2007, 06:54 by Z_e_t_a

    I just listened to the "early release" :P of Sondre Lerche's latest album Phantom Punch. I was surprised to see a version of Johnny Johnny Ooh Ooh there (and then surprised not to see Hoisting The Flag since it's also a very beautiful song from Two Way Monologue Ep).

    The version's called John, Let Me Go and I must say I prefer the old one. This one's also very nice, the guitar/voice only first part of the chorus is great, but the hole song just pales before the first version, an incredible sample of SL's "music power" (yeah, I just invented that).

    About the album, I gotta say it was everything I expected to be (rockier, jollier, lighter and more upbeat than the other albums), maybe a little punkier. This may not be a great feature to me but it does make the spectre of genres and styles he plays wider, and that's always good when introducing him to new listeners. Only Tragic Mirror is hint a of the past.

    I'll probably write more about the album when it's officially…