• Q&A with Jer Coons

    18 Mar 2010, 14:17 by yousingiwrite
    Interview Originally Published: September 2009

    If you haven't heard of Jer Coons just yet, you will soon. While comparisons to notable singer-songwriters like Jason Mraz abound, Coons has that uniqueness that allows him to standout in today's music scene. From having his current single featured on Hollister's in-store play list to being the third most popular Vermont musician on MySpace, not to mention opening for Colin Hays of Men At Work this summer, Coons is well on his way.

    I chatted with Jer while he was in Michigan for a few days before gearing up for his album release and fall tour. Talking candidly about his music, latest album and writing process, Coons' said, "As a songwriter, there is nothing more exciting than hearing a song come together the way you heard it in your head. I just want people to feel like they know me through my music. " And that they will. …
  • Zac Clark @ Higher Ground

    18 Aug 2007, 18:19 by KeeperEUSC

    Fri 17 Aug – Zac Clark, Jer Coons, Kate Voegele, Milkman's Union

    Just being honest, I felt like shit and didn't feel like sitting through the other acts, so I just went for Zac Clark. I've heard nothing but praise for The Milkman's Union, Kate Voegele, and Jer Coons.

    Zac's set was great, no doubt about it. If all the tracks on the new album are as layered as the few he played last night, then everyone's in for a treat. Really deserves to make it. I can't spread enough praise about him, just truly talented in every regard.

    I wish this was a better recap, but I was pretty much out of it :-/ I'll get a full set list for The Format this evening to make up for it.