• Soundtrack of my life

    17 May 2007, 12:28 by Gjervan

    Found this at someone else's journal, seems like fun. You set the WMP/WinAmp/iTunes to random... you know the drill

    Opening Credits
    Iron Maiden - The Aftermath
    Wooha, wrong end dude.

    Waking up
    Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Breathless
    A pleasant tune to wake up too

    First day of school
    Tom Waits - Fawn

    Falling in love
    Echo & the Bunnymen - People are strange
    They are

    Fight song
    Jens Book-Jenssen - Når kastanjene blomstrer...
    Have to be some weird "contrast" scene. Just like A Clockwork Orange, y'know.

    Saxon - Flying on the Edge
    A Hell'o better then what usually plays during my proms and graduation partying.

    Spinal Tap - Cups & Cakes
    Fits... a cosy but formal/regal tune... just what I associates with graduation.

    Johnny Cash - Let the train blow the whistle
    Let people do their busnisses... just my philosophy.

    Mental breakdown
    Simon & Garfunkel - Richard Cory