• Jennifer Paige Interview - Singapore 2002

    4 Nov 2008, 11:56 by rosa_spain76

    Second Time Around by Anne NG
    Jennifer Paige Interview from Singapore magazine.

    In 1998, she hit the charts with Crush – before disappearing from the scene. Now, Jennifer Paige is taking a second shot at fame.

    LINE: We haven’t heard from you in ages. What happened after Crush?
    JENNIFER PAIGE: I was travelling all around the world. After that, I did a movie called Country Bears, a Disney film. It’s coming out now in the States.

    Since Crush was such a massive hit, you’d probably be signing it 20 years down the road. Is that good or bad?.
    Right now, it’s still fun for me to sing it, but I don’t know if I’ll feel the same in 20 years.

    Your new album Positively Somewhere reflects a more grown-up you. What’s the biggest showbiz lesson learnt?
    You have to be careful who work with. There are so many opportunities for you to get taken advantage of… you have to be smart. Make sure everybody has your best interests at heart.

    What motivates you to get up in the morning?
  • Music from my travels...

    5 May 2008, 19:57 by rishdeep

    This may a rather random post with various songs and artists but I feel I must share the soundtrack of my trip to Malaysia. To be honest, the tracks listened to while sipping Tiger beers on the beaches of Kuantan and Port Dickson among others mainly consisted of two albums - Colbie Caillat’s Coco (which got an obscene amount of plays) and Bob Marley’s greatest hits (which got an equally obscene amount). Colbie Caillat I seriously recommend that you check her out for some really summery, easy-going music (now that the season is almost upon us). What was surprising is the success she’s had over in Asia (you would always here one of her songs played quite frequently on the radio/MTV Asia) and the relative lack of success she’s had in the UK by comparison. I can’t quite put my finger on why this may be the case but I can only think of how saturated the market is here with sub-par singer songwriters that when someone comes out with a genuinely good album, it’s easy to get unnoticed and swept under the rug.
  • Fortune Teller

    13 Sep 2006, 07:59 by Carali

    Will I get far in life?
    Song: Legend
    Artist: Tamyra Gray
    Comment: I'm not only going far in life, I'm going to be a legend!

    How do my friends see me?:
    Song: There Comes That Man Again
    Artist: Kirsty MacColl
    Comment: Alright, I'm not a man and I've been single for a while so I really have no idea what this could mean :/

    Where will I get married?:
    Song: In The Still of the Night
    Artist: Five Seasons
    Comment: That's more of a time then a place, but alright.

    What is my best friend's theme song?:
    Song: West End Girls
    Artist: Pet Shop Boys
    Comment: I kinda doubt that

    What is the story of my life?:
    Song: Sweet Dreams
    Artist: Patsy Cline
    Comment: I guess I am a bit of a dreamer

    What was high school like?:
    Song: The Hunter
    Artist: Clannad
    Comment: I was a hunter in high school? whatever you say :/

    How can I get ahead in life?:
    Song: Vincent
    Artist: Clay Aiken
    Comment: ?

    What is the best thing about me?:
    Song: Breaking up Is Hard to Do
    Artist: Neil Sedaka