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Jeffster! is a fictional cover band on the television series Chuck. Its principal (and only) members are Jeff Barnes (Scott Krinsky) and Lester Patel (Vik Sahay), both of whom work in the Nerd Herd division of the Buy More. As of the end of Season 3, both Jeff and Lester are on the run as the prime suspects in the destruction of the Buy More; their names are soon cleared but the pair remain oblivious while in hiding until "Chuck Versus the Suitcase". In Season 4, they are represented by Big Mike. As of "Chuck Versus the Last Details", Jeff and Lester are pursuing a career as amateur filmmakers.

The principal (and only) members of Jeffster! are Jeff Barnes, providing backup vocals and performing as the band's rhythm section, and Lester Patel on vocals. The duo primarily acts as a cover band, performing in local venues around the Burbank area. It is revealed in the Chuck season 3 DVD and Blu-Ray special feature 'The Jeffster Revolution' that Jeffster formed when at a bar on Karaoke Monday Jeff urged Lester to sing, Lester did this while Jeff kept time. They sang Dolly Parton's Mommie, Ain't That Daddy several times and according to Lester "Jeffster was born".

In "Chuck Versus the Best Friend" Jeff and Lester attempted to audition for Devon and Ellie's wedding, and have since made several performances on the show. Although the audition didn't go well, they still got the chance to perform at the wedding in "Chuck Versus the Ring" when Morgan used them as a stalling tactic before the ceremony. The duo later performed in "Chuck Versus the Beard" as part of Big Mike's revolt when the Ring infiltrated the Buy More disguised as corporate executives from a rival chain seeking to buy the store. The duo invited themselves to Devon and Ellie's going away party in "Chuck Versus the Honeymooners," where they performed "unplugged" after Jeffrey blew out the amp in rehearsal.

Jeffster! briefly broke up into solo acts in "Chuck Versus the Living Dead," however the duo quickly reconciled and Big Mike was taken on as manager. In "Chuck Versus the Ring: Part II," Jeff and Lester convinced their new manager to premiere their music video (which took them two weekends to make) at the Buy More's going out of business sale, but are interrupted. After the store is evacuated, Chuck inadvertently starts up the video during his confrontation with Shaw. At the end of the episode, Big Mike expressed significant disgust with the duo, in particular Lester's vocals.

In addition to episodes of the series, actors Scott Krinsky and Vik Sahay made a special appearance in-character to perform at San Diego Comic-Con International in 2009.

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