• LateNightTales

    8 Aug 2007, 14:52 by glebis

    I don't know where Lindstrom gets all those records, those unreleased ones, but I guess his involved into music industry enoght to find some rare shit from around the world. I enjoy his LateNightTales series mix, a lot of new names for me like Terje & Thomas (guess I know the guys;), but it seems to be the only known result of their collaboration nowadays and it's nice) and Jean-Philippe Goude with his fine electric new-age non-stop tune, very exciting, or Rainer Bloss (yep, meet the noobs, I didn't know about him) and Dusty Springfield, disco diva.

    Pekka Pohjola sounds very much like russian avantgarde composer sergey kuryokhin!

    Long live Hans-Peter :)