• One year of

    29 Dec 2009, 02:30 by Underdawg89

    It had been one year since I joined on 9th November so I thought this journal entry would be appropriate. Here are the most listened artists, songs and album during my first year at

    I. Artists

    1. Sheryl Crow (1126)
    I know, there may not be as many people crazy about Sheryl out there as I am. She’s not the type of singer you can fall in love with at the first listen. Her songs are complex, filled with symbols, unlikely metaphors while being very expressive and original. And as a bonus, Sheryl has a distinctive sound and often uses a narrative style. Eclectic and weird, she can rock it loud, play country, put the fun in funk or sit by the fire and sing some sweet folk tracks. As far as I’m concerned, she has songs fit for every mood someone may be in. Although she has wandered through a variety of styles (while still not jumping too far from what she really is at heart, a classic rocker), nowadays she has somewhat returned to her roots and decided to rather change people opinions instead of making them dance. …