• Guess the song!

    6 Aug 2010, 16:47 by backfat2

    1. Is she not right? Is she insane? Will she run for her life in the battle that ends today?!
    Disturbed - The Game - flyghter

    2. For today, we will take the body parts and put them on the wall.

    3. Into a place where thoughts can bloom into a room where it's nine in the afternoon and we know that it could be and we know that it should and you know that you feel it too cause it's nine in the afternoon.
    Panic! at the Disco - Nine in the Afternoon - Thom-York

    4. Is this how it ends, like falling stars crashing in the ocean

    5. I am lying here with tears in my eyes I guess it's time to say goodbye do you remember all the love that we had but now it's lost and gone

    6. baby you don't need to change cause you make me wanna give you my last name and even though we have our highs and lows girl if theres one thing I know
    Jay Sean - Love Like This (Eternity) - stronger2k

    7. Policemen are my friends so why do they always stare raid our clubs bust out parties condemned for short…