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For Jason Newsted solo band, see newsted.

Jason Curtis Newsted (born March 4, 1963 in Battle Creek, Michigan) is an American bass guitarist a member of Voivod and Supernova, but is best known as a former member of the metal band Metallica.

Jason left Flotsam And jetsam to take on full duties as the Bassist for Metallica, replacing the oft lamented Cliff Burton in 1986 after a tragic accident on their tour bus threw Cliff out the window and onto the road where he was then crushed when the bus flipped on top of his body. Founding members of the band, not over Cliffs passing, admittedly never truly fully accepted Jason into the band. The target of much ridicule and hazing, Newsted trudged through life with Metallica. Jason filled the roll as Metallica's bassist a full 12 years longer than Cliff, yet even today, among Metallica fans it may seem at times, Cliff Burton to be considered as "Metallica's Bassist". Whether this is due to talent, or a tragic and memorable death, is arguable.

Jason, a consummate musician, struggled through gaps of non-production with Metallica. Lars Ulrich's endevours to make an example out of the filesharing application, "Napster" left the band out of the studio for some time. Jason grew antsy and began playing in the band Echobrain as a side project. James Hetfield was noticibly upset, claiming Jason was not putting his full attention and efforts into Metallica.
Exact details of the why's and wherefore's are sketchy at best, but the separation was forthcoming. Jason's final official performance as a member of Metallica occurred on a televised appearance on VH1's Music Awards where, ironically, the fans voted for the band to perform the song "Fade to Black".

And so, Jason faded from Metallica.

A fine sidenote to Jason's departure from Metallica can be heard straight from the mouth of James Hetfield as illustrated in the song "All Within My Hands", wherein, it would seem James laments his own role in the loss of Jason from the band by decrying how he had destroyed something he so dearly loved.

In January 2013 he released an EP under the name Newsted.

Jasons further exploits in the music world, post-Metallica, can be reviewed extensively at his Official page located at The Chophouse.

Jason currently resides in Walnut Creek, California.

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