• solipsistic NATION No. 138: Exquisite Corpse II

    24 Apr 2009, 08:18 by solipsisticast

    Ever play exquisite corpse when you were a kid?

    Let me refresh your memory.

    Here’s how it works: you get a sheet of paper and on the top of that piece of paper you draw something. For this example, let’s say you draw the helmet of an astronaut.

    You then pass the sheet of paper to the person sitting next to you and that person draws the torso. Let’s say they draw the torso of a sherrif from a western movie: a white button up shirt, a leather vest with a tin star-badge pinned to it, and in the sheriff’s hands are two revolvers, waiting to be fired.

    That person then passes the sheet of paper to the person sitting next to them. But this time they’ve covered the top of the paper: the drawing you did of the astronaut’s helmet. The new player on the game of exquisite corpse can only continue the drawing based on what they can see: the sheriff’s torso.

    That person decides to draw the legs of a ballerina, complete with tights and a tutu. …