• Bands I've Seen Live (+ ratings)

    29 Jul 2010, 08:23 by trsmecp

    This is here mostly for self-reference, but I suppose something could be gained from it.

    Out of 5 stars. Factors in band's performance and mostly the amount of fun I had. I've omitted bands I just don't care about (mostly opening bands).
    1 star= Awful
    2 stars= not very good, will only go again if it's very convenient and cheap
    3 stars= good, most likely will see again.
    4 stars= excellent. Very likely to be at the next nearby show.
    4.5-5 stars= Incredible. If they're in the area, I'm not missing it.


    7Seconds (2009 w/ Bouncing Souls: 3 stars)
    After the Burial (2013 w/ Trivium: 3.25 stars)
    Alien Ant Farm (2010, free show at Nassau Community College: 3 stars)
    Alexisonfire (w/ Avenged Sevenfold, My Chemical Romance also played) (3 stars)
    All Shall Perish (2013: 2.75 stars)
    Amon Amarth (2014: 3.25 stars)
    Anthrax (2010 w/ "Big 3": 3.5 stars)
    The Arrogant Sons of Bitches (2004: 3.5 stars)
    At the Gates (2015 w/ Decibel Magazine Tour: 3 stars... …