• Paid-for Bandcamp stuff

    16 Feb 2015, 22:13 by doowniwevets

    Like other users, I am now making a journal of enjoyable albums I find on Bandcamp. This journal may include albums that I haven't listened to yet but intend to. Anything that can be downloaded for free will be posted in the Free Music Center instead.

    Motion Picture by Janek Gwizdala: I enjoy this bassist's other albums, but he started charging for this one for some reason, which caused me to make this face:
    I'll listen to it at some point.

    WangLord: Some friends of mine made this project as a joke. If you're into homemade experimental noise tracks, then you'll like it, but unless you have $1,000 on hand, you won't be able to download it.

    Thomas Veith: The music from the videos on the Kurz Gesagt YouTube channel, of which I'm a fan. From what I've heard, the compositions are actually quite enjoyable despite their use of MIDI sounds. I wouldn't pay for them, though.

  • Triptych 3, Shulgin's Songbook: Exceeding Genre Limitations

    27 Jun 2009, 23:17 by musicdish

    Relative to jazz in general, the genre "smooth jazz" often entails less complexity and more accessibility. However, Alexander Shulgin - the famous Russian composer and former member of the band "The Cruise" - succeeds in creating an album that is both complex, yet accessible, and thus pleases both musicians and non-musicians alike. With an all-star line-up that includes, John Patitucci, Billy Cobham, and Bob Mintzer, Part 3 of Shulgin's songbook "Triptych" has plenty to offer.

    One of the album's strength's is Shulgin's willingness to experiment with different instrumentations, which keeps the album feeling fresh throughout. On the tune "Winter," Gregoire Maret is featured on harmonica, and it creates a totally different color than what the listener is used to up until that point. In addition, sax player Snake Davis often plays the flute instead of sax, and this also contributes to making the album diverse in terms of color and sound.