• Review: Jamiroquai - Dynamite

    10 Nov 2005, 22:57 by Fidgital

    It's always puzzled me why Fidgital is always being compared to Jamiroquai, but when they put out albums this good, I really can't complain about the comparison! I picked up the Dual Disc version of Dynamite earlier this week and have given it a few listens before reviewing. It's really good!

    Jamiroquai has always seemed like a saviour for those who missed the mind-boggling funk and pop of '70's era Stevie Wonder. And Jamiroquai wasn't just a copycat - their sound evolved with the electronics of the day, incorporating old school influences with brand new production.

    Dynamite is no exception - the sound is great, the songs are groovy, the performances tight and soulful. It's consistently good but of course has its high and low points, though these will vary from person to person.

    I've heard a lot of criticism of this album saying that it doesn't have the hits of earlier albums. I can't agree - what I hear here is plenty poppy and catchy…