• Day 1

    31 Dec 2008, 22:21 by alsatia2

    I have been avoiding for a while now. I suspected it would be another time sink, and I have plenty of those in my life! Today, though, I was trying to figure out the name of a track I'd heard a few times on either Astreaux World or Moving Through Space on Live365 over the TiVo (two time sinks right there!) After a bunch of false starts, I decided to search for it. Bless Stephen Hill, there is was: Mars Rain. Being too lazy to listen to the whole stream on HOS to see if it was the right piece, I googled the track & artist and found it here on Listened to it. Yes! Success. Then, finding myself with time on my hands since I'm on vacation, I set up my account. Hours ago. Still haven't left! I may never leave the house again. ;-)