• Cory misses EVERYTHING. .

    9 May 2009, 00:47 by KMFCM

    this is a new segment in my last.fm journal called CORY MISSES EVERYTHING

    I listen to a lot of shit, but I am a late bloomer in general and found most of my favorite music after said music was no longer being made.
    broken up bands, dead people, shark jumpers etc.

    so here, we shall cover new discoveries I should've discovered years ago. . .

    1. Camu Tao - well alright, I knew who he was. I heard Nighthawks and MHz and S.A. Smash and all those guest spots and that hilarious freestyle from Jakki the Motamouth's "built to last" where he goes "and that's. . for. . you". . . but ya know, I didn't KNOW he had solo shit . . or at least, I didn't know he had that much solo shit. There's like 2 full mix tapes (or more, I've only found two of them) of stuff that's twice as far out as Ol' Dirty Bastard. This guy was. . .was. . . .I don't even know what to say. Look up the mix tape "Blair Cosby Cereal Carpens(97 Season)". …
  • Here it is my freinds. . . . . . .the best of 200(h)8

    22 Dec 2008, 00:47 by KMFCM

    2008 fucking sucked. . . . . . . . . . .

    . . .and as we all know, bad years make for DAMN GOOD TUNES
    and that's good, because tunes were pretty much the only good thing about this year.

    (jury is still out on certain historic events for this brotha here)

    This year gave all us musical late bloomers a chance to experience former glory with the likes of Carcass, My Bloody Valentine, Polvo, Vision of Disorder, At the Gates, Hellnation, Overcast and quite a few more (and I didn't get to see Polvo)
    returning to the stage, some of them possibly permanently (Earth Crisis, Vision of Disorder and Flesh Parade are among those making new albums as we speak. . . . . . and apparently MBV will too. Stranger things have happened, Chinese Democracy came out.)

    Of course, everyone I talk to is BURNED THE FUCK OUT and can't think of TWO things they liked this year. . .

    meanwhile, I liked so much shit, I actually have a top 40. . . . . .