• Trapped In A Scene book 80s UKHC

    24 Jul 2010, 20:36 by TrueMithrandir

    Trapped in a Scene: UK Hardcore 1985-1989: Frontline Reports from the Hardcore Punk Underground by Ian Glasper 2010

    Finally someone put out a music book based on a scene I was actually into at the time it was going on. I got my copy and just finished the first part with Napalm Death, what a fantastic read... easily the most detailed and comprehensive early history of ND I've ever seen. I'm astonished how thick this thing is, bout 500 pages! that are not just taken up by photos either, but there is an absurd amount of text here and I like how each band gets a healthy amount of space too. For the record it doesn't feature every single UKHC band from the time, and unfortunately there isn't any Satanic Malfunctions or Legion of Parasites, but it wasn't due to a blatant omission but just unable to get a hold of certain bands over the 3 year period this book was written. I cant think of any others (aside from maybe a few minor bands) that were left out though. …