• solipsistic NATION No. 197: Tangled Up CPU

    29 Jun 2010, 04:13 by solipsisticast

    On today's show I'm going to play and of your favorite songs!

    When I first came up with the idea for today's show I thought it would be cute and played for giggles. But when I sat down and really listened to the music I realized that these bitpop and chiptune covers stripped the originals down to their essence. And these tracks still stand up. They're classics for a reason.

    But the tracks on today's show don't sound great just because they're covers of great songs, they also sound great because it took a lot of ingenuity of working within the constraints of chiptunes and bitpop to make these songs shine.

    By the way, nearly all the tracks on today's show came from the 8 Bit Collective website.

    8 Bit Collective is the first completely open chiptune-related media repository and file sharing community. To learn more or to download more great music go to