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    1 Jun 2013, 09:01 by Svart_Dukke

  • vodka matryoshka medevedi gorbachev

    25 Jan 2012, 15:15 by komissar_sex

  • 100 Great Albums of 2007....

    3 Jun 2008, 07:10 by Cylob

    100 GREAT ALBUMS OF 2007!
    Compiled at MAC.


    65daysofstatic - The Destruction of Small Ideas
    Against Me! - New Wave
    Air Traffic - Fractured Life
    Amon Tobin - Foley Room
    Amy Macdonald - This Is The Life
    Anekdoten - A Time of Day
    Annie Lennox - Songs of Mass Destruction
    Apocalyptica - Worlds Collide
    A Place to Bury Strangers - A Place To Bury Strangers
    A Sunny Day In Glasgow - Scribble Mural Comic Journal
    Ayyuka - Ayyuka
    Battles - Mirrored
    Band of Horses - Cease To Begin
    The Bird and the Bee - The Bird and the Bee
    Björk - Volta
    Black Engine - Ku Klux Klowns
    Bloc Party - A Weekend in the City
    Blonde Redhead - 23
    Buckwild - Diggin' in the Crates: Rare Studio Masters (1993-1997)
    Burial - Untrue
    Calla - Strength In Numbers
    Chungking - Stay Up Forever
    The Cinematic Orchestra - Ma Fleur
    Clutch - From Beale Street to Oblivion
    David Vandervelde - The Moonstation House Band
  • My non-politically correct top 100 album list

    20 Nov 2007, 13:26 by istanbul

    I just completed the pointless and extremely geeky project of rating all the music in my mp3-collection. Using Mediamonkey's rather sophisticated statistical functions, I calculated the average scores of each of the albums in my collection. Now, this is a completely non-pitchfork-politically correct rating based solely on the merits of each track (as judged by me). The only criterion I used was when grading my tracks was: How much do I want to listen to this song again?

    In the unlikely event that someone actually gives a damn about my taste, here's the annotated top 100.

    1. Beck: Sea Change.
    Favourite track: Lost Cause.

    The only album in my collection without a single weak track. Provides unlimited opportunity to wallow in self-pity and depression.

    2. Damien Rice: O
    Favourite track: Amie

    I realize many people find Damien Rice whiny and too emotional in the androgynous way everyone seems to fear so much these days (cf. …
  • Säkert!

    15 Jun 2007, 11:32 by emptyflow

    I happened to be in Umeå a few days ago. Great town, haven't been there before. As it happened, Säkert! were playing live in Umeå that night (a person aquainted with somebody from Isolation Years told me about it). The music was great, and the songs were sometimes even more moving than when listening to them at home. It was a strange feeling hearing people chanting "dom jävlarna ska skjutas..."

    An interesting point about differences in attitudes towards "concert manners" in Sweden and Finland: in Finland, people tend to be very polite when it comes to how to behave in crowded places. When somebody has to move forward, they look you in the eye or apologize. In Umeå that night, people just didn't bother. Strange. But perhaps I shouldn't draw any wider conclusions based on this experience :)

    Besides Säkert! I've been listening to Ane Brun. In this case, the crappy car stereo was an advantage, creating a beautiful, distant sound. Great success!
  • Fear is the Great killer. Your mind is the great reciever and you are cought, from…

    17 Apr 2007, 16:14 by You_know_me

    People are afraid. Is there anyway you can dispute that?
    This is even more true when it comes to relationships. If you have a choice between something bad and something good, most people will, as if by default, stick with the bad. Let me explain. You have issues - we all do. It is much, much easier to deal with getting rid of something good than actually deal with something bad. Especially when this bad thing is personal. Why?
    Shouldn´t you be much more concerned with getting rid of the bad so you can enjoy the good? Most people dont function that way and I´m having a hard time relating to their choices. It is very strange to me. It is one of thoose posts you have to read between the lines; im sure you get it. Fear is something bad, not something you want crawling around in your head. I will never, ever give up something good becouse of fear. Simple as that. I will not sit around when I hit middleage and think - what if? You will get hurt, sure, we all get hurt. But what if? I mean when you think about it - what is fear. …
  • My life soundtrack

    6 Mar 2007, 01:37 by Svantom

    So, here's how it works:

    1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
    2. Put it on shuffle
    3. Press play
    4. For every question, type the song that's playing
    5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
    6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool... and a lot of the songs fit with the setting

    Opening Credits: 047 - Ankan
    Waking Up: Bauhaus - Ziggy Stardust
    First Day At School: Nena - 99 Luftballons
    Falling In Love: Manu Chao - La Primavera
    Fight Song: Covox - Final Mission
    Breaking Up: Welle:Erdball - Nur tote Frauen sind schoen
    Prom: Svenska Akademien - Vet Ej
    Life: Cocorosie - Milk
    Mental Breakdown: Monster och Maskiner - I hate the king
    Flashback: 50 Hertz - Du Kunde Räddat Patrik
    Getting back together: Architecture in Helsinki - Souvenirs
    Wedding: Sls - Quickslap(covox correction) (It would be a funny wedding :P)
    Birth of Child: David Sandström - Cockroaches
    Final Battle: Isolation Years - Nurse Hands
  • New Sivert Høyem and Isolation Years reviews

    17 Jan 2007, 15:44 by popgurl

    Here are two reviews I wrote for Its A Trap of records I've been loving these last few weeks:

    Sivert Høyem And The Volunteers - Exiles (Hektor Grammafone/EMI)

    Madrugada frontman Sivert Høyem closes this second solo album by singing: "I must take to the stage/I need nerves of steel/no matter how weak and how weightless I feel/I just wanted to come across strong." It's an ironic and telling line on an album written just after the biggest year of Madrugada's career. While the songs all deal with vulnerability to varying degrees - estranged narrators desperate for human contact, numbed to that contact, or savoring intimate moments of closeness - the sound betrays no hint of weakness and is anything but weightless. To the contrary, it's heavy, strong, and once you accept its borderline-corny sense of drama, downright beautiful. Høyem is gifted with what's likely the best voice in contemporary rock, and every note on here is sung deliberately and milked for maximum nuance. …
  • 2006 Highlights

    7 Jan 2007, 17:59 by popgurl

    There weren’t enough records that really wowwed me in 2006 to warrant a best-of list (how I envy those who managed to come up with 50-100 things to be excited about!), so here instead is a music-related highlights of 2006:

    January: The year started off great with the arrival of several cd-roms from a fellow Madrugada fan in France with dozens of bootleg concert recordings spanning their career. So much great stuff to plow through, so many different versions of songs I love so much. Heaven. I’ve only learned to ski in the last few years, and one of the best moments of the year was feeling confident on my feet at last, swooping down a gorgeous empty run in Aspen with Black Mambo in my headphones.

    February: Well, it’s a short month. What do you want?

    March: It’s always cause for celebration when The Buzzcocks put out a new record, and Flat Pack Philosophy was their best in a long while. I also got The World According To Pablo in March and that record got lots and lots of plays in the months that followed. …
  • New Isolation Years!

    6 Jan 2007, 04:21 by popgurl

    New Isolation Years in first week of 2007 = Great start to the year + Happy Nancy.

    p.s. since a couple of people have asked -- I got this early because the label sent a promo copy to Avi at http://www.itsatrap.com and I'm wrote the forthcoming review.