• 2008 Findings

    4 Feb 2009, 00:27 by maledictu

    At the very end of the Verve Jazz Masters collection, which I got in 2007 and have been exploring slowly, I found this lady who I had already listened to once on Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour, and quickly started to love her sweet, soft, ironic voice and lyrics. Her name: Blossom Dearie. So far I only know that collection album, the Verve Jazz Masters Volume 51, my first great finding in 2008.

    Also coming from Dylan's radio show is Professor Longhair and his New Orleans Piano, another great finding from the past.

    Since we went all these years back on time, 2008 was also the year I first listened to a complete album of a lendary, and lengendary, character from brazilian music, the sambista Ismael Silva - and it was one to go all the way to my top albums ever: Se Você Jurar.

    Jumping all the way to 2007, but still playing samba - the real stuff - there's Pedro Miranda, member of the amazing Grupo Semente - that plays with Tereza Cristina - in his first solo album: Coisa Com Coisa; a real gem.