• 2014 Reviews and Ratings

    16 Jan 2014, 22:46 by XfnSnow

    This Journal was me at a full head of steam in the first 2 months of 2014, when I was really networking and finding new releases... then I got a new job and have been alarmingly busy, to the point of not really even having much time to listen to music. The whole year feels like it's been dragged out from under my feet. Still, this is a comprehensive-ish LIST. I'm confident in it's quality and although I'm just adding the finishing touches, it has some little reflections on each release. Quantity over quality really (in that I'd rather present lots of good bands, than just a few with really carefully written write ups). Admittedly, this year I have been a lot more stringent with what's made it on to the list. there's been lots of good but not mind blowing stuff, so I've kept it off. Also, hardly any bigger name bands, as I see this as a place for discovery (primarily). I can't promise next year I will do a 2015 journal in this format, although I am hoping to actually start a real blog or something (Cartographers of the Fata Morgana). …