• fuck heroin, i have records to buy!

    26 May 2008, 21:24 by logbut

    now for some short reviews of shit i've bought this week:

    Bong Ra/Enduser/Shitmat - Monsters Of Mashup split: this was my first experience hearing Shitmat or Enduser. Sitmat is fucking sick breakcore, with tons of samples, that fly by faster than you can think. perfect for someone with ADD as bad as I do. I loved it. The Enduser stuff was cool, but nothing to memorable, and the same with Bong Ra. I like his full length that I have more. but it was totally worth it for the Shitmat stuff.

    Lou Reed - Metal Machine Music: i had heard about this album before and forgot about it, and always looked in record bins at Lou Reed stuff didn't know why. when I found a used copy my memory was immediately jogged. this is Lou Reed's noise album, made completely from layered guitar feedback it's a total trip and is fucking great. people who are fans of Lou Reed's normal work will definitely want to avoid this, but people who are into noise and experimental stuff must get this album.