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Inui Sadaharu (乾 貞治) is a character from Konomi Takeshi's Weekly Shounen Jump series, Prince of Tennis. He is a highly intelligent player, who uses "Data Tennis." He constantly collects and analyzes data while in and outside of the tennis court in order to determine statistics, weaknesses, and other factors, and he is able to calculate the probability of certain shots being made during matches. While he collects data pertaining to tennis, he also collects personal pieces of data, such as favorite things, personal habits, and where they have been, which makes others feel awkward. In addition to his data tennis, Inui's play style includes his extremely fast serves the Sonic Serve and later the Waterfall Serve. Inui's data tennis style dates back to his elementary school days, when he learned it from his doubles partner Yanagi Renji.

Inui was beaten by Echizen Ryoma, and then lost to Kaidoh Kaoru (who had also been beaten earlier by Echizen and was determined not to lose his spot) at the beginning of the series and became the team's manager. He uses his data to create exercise programs for the team. As such, one of Inui's most notable traits is his penchant to brew horrible vegetable juices (named "Inui Juices"), which he uses mostly in practice as punishment for players who fail the training menus. The contents of "Inui Juice" are unknown, but Inui is always coming up with new and "better" recipes. When the team went bowling, Inui's new invention "Aozu" first knocked out Kaidoh and even Fuji (who usually enjoyed drinking the "Inui Juice" or "Penal Tea") as well as the rest of the team. Even Inui himself falls victim to the "Aozu".

Eventually, Inui is able to make it back as a regular by using the data he obtained over the time he was manager, losing to Tezuka Kunimitsu but beating Momoshiro Takeshi. While he's a very good singles player, he usually plays doubles with various partners, most notably his protegé, Kaidoh. His doubling with Kaidoh helped Seigaku overcome their problems with doubles teams (which Ryuuzaki considered weak with only the Golden Pair as an effective team).

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