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Insidious is the name of more than one artist:

1. A mid 90's midwestern emo band
2. An Industrial / Technical Metal band from Nottingham in the UK.
3. a doom metal band
4. breaks / glitch

Aud10c0rpse - vocals
TK 672 - guitars
Gr1nd Zero N - drums

Official website - www.insidious-online.com
MySpace - myspace.com/insidiousonline
W!ldplum - wildplum.co.uk/music/insidious
Purevolume - purevolume.com/insidiousband


April 2005 was the approximate date for the initial inception of the unit now known as 'Insidious'. Originally assembled by founding members 'Aud10c0rpse', 'Gr1nd Zer0 N' and 'TK 672'. Performing initially as a 3-piece for many months, they auditioned numerous civilians to complete the personnel vacancies. They eventually hired 'W-M-D' to operate the low-frequency duties that needed fulfilling. Once W-M-D had joined the ranks, the writing and recording for the upcoming release of "Digital Disdain" was well under way and continued for most of the Earth year of 2006.

Whilst the writing and recording of "Digital Disdain" was making significant progress, there were still personnel positions that still needed filling. Eventually an EMP generator known only as 'V.I.R.A.L.' was hired to add soundscapes and general digital noise to the primary auditory assault, that had been manifesting for most of 2005/6. Also, an additional buzzsaw generator, known as 'Corporation', was added to the ranks to fulfill live performance and future writing and recording duties.

By September of 2006 the unit known as "Insidious", finally had the optimum amount of personnel.

However, an anomaly arose when in April 2007, 'W-M-D' could no longer function for the unit, known as 'Insidious'. Disconnecting from the unit on amicable terms, the rest of the members wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

In July of 2007, after scanning relentlessly for 3 Earth months, the unit has acquired another member: this intel is now declassified can be disclosed. The new member generating subsonic frequencies goes by the title of 'Gr.1m'. He has now joined the 'primary unit' and all welcome him on board. However in the same month, there was a withdrawal of yet another member: the EMP-Generator known as 'V.I.R.A.L.' has decided to fulfill these duties on a part-time basis and does not wish to be part of the 'primary unit'. We wish him all the best in his endeavours.

The final auditory conglomerate, has morphed into a hybrid musical style utilizing various instrumental techniques and cyber technologies, to create an aggressive, dark and unrelenting high-tempo assault on civilian aural sensory capabilities.

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