• A Spirtual Journey

    21 Feb 2009, 20:36 by YBT89

    India.Arie has transcended the level of normal consciousness and broken through the barrier of adversity.

    I know that in my life I have had many broken roads and I have achieved many new levels of wisdom and insight. I have come from a harsh environment and struggled to stay on my feet; though I was knocked down, I stood back up.

    India.Arie has been an inspiration for me in so many ways on so many levels; she provides my soul with soulful licks and runs, a smooth, creamy earth mama sound that makes my skin trickle, lyrics that are so mesmerizing that I find myself in an abyss of elevated awareness.

    With every single song, she speaks to me and something going on in my life. It's really bizarre how she does that. No, seriously. India has a knack for songs that speak directly on every aspect of my life or at a particular time. It's like she KNOWS that someone out there is going through EXACTLY what she is singing about.

    Back To The Middle, This Too Shall Pass, Get It Together, Beautiful