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1). In/Humanity was a band from Columbia, South Carolina. In/Humanity formed in 1991 and made their debut on the 1992 "Please No Profanity" compilation, a benefit for local college radio station WUSC (which also featured Hootie and the Blowfish). Their first release was the Intolerable 7" EP which the band themselves found so intolerable that they destroyed 275 (of 500 total) by scratching the vinyl with a compass point and tossing them out at shows. They followed with a slew of 7" EPs and splits, many on the Japanese label HG Fact. They released their debut album, "The Nutty Antichrist", in 1996 on Passive Fist Records. Their second (and final) album, "The History Behind the Mystery" was released the following year on CD (in 7" sleeve) on HG Fact Records and was later released on LP (including a bonus 7") by Prank Records. The band released their final EP, "Occultonomy", in 1998 before calling it quits. The band had a fixed singer and guitarist (Chris Bickel and Paul Swanson respectively) and a rotating cast of bassists and drummers. Chris Bickel went on to sing for Guyana Punch Line, while Paul Swanson went on to play with Black Merinos, Tarot Bolero, and is currently playing with Welfare.

2). 1). INHUMANITY didirikan sekitar akhir tahun 2001, band ini merupakan salah satu generasi pertama dari band-band death metal / grindcore yang ada di Sukabumi.
Berikut beberapa jejak sejarah yang dihasilkan selama beberapa tahun eksistensi INHUMANITY:…

1. Spreading The Death compilation, HEAD IN THE CLOUDS Records. Sukabumi
2. Jungle survival sounds compilation, JUNGLE SURVIVAL SOUNDS Recodrs. Tangerang

3. Brutally sickness “Molested And Dismembered”, EXTREME SOULS PRODUCTION. Bandung
4. Extreme Metal Invasion compilation, DIALOGUE OF DEATH Records. Tangerang
5. Demo cd 2002 (3 song) unavailable, SELF RELEASE
6. Demo cd 2003 (5 song) unavailable, SELF RELEASE
7. Split album with PURGE Japan Thrash Punk, NO LABEL Records. Surabaya
8. Dimensi Kematian 3 “Kiamat Sudah Dekat” Compilation, EDELWEISS Records. Jakarta
9. Review Split Album INHUMANITY with PURGE Japan Thrash Punk di MTV TRAX Magazine “indie review (TRAX Magazine)

July 2005 (Coldplay Cover), review by ARIAN SERINGAI
10. Single “ANTI RELIGI” song, SELF RELEASE, Sukabumi. 2008
11. Sukabumi Eundeur Compilation, HEADBANGER Records, Sukabumi. 2008
12. Brutal Disaster “Slaughter Chamber” Compilation, NO LABEL Records, Surabaya. 2008
13. Indonesia Underground #3 Compilatioan, EDELWEISS Records, Jakarta. 2010
14. Single “EPISENTRUM NERAKA” song, SELF RELEASE, Sukabumi. 2012
15. Sound Of Brutality “The Revenge Of Brutality Compilation”, HEADBANGER Records Sukabumi, 2012

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