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Ikipr is a Magus whose been exploring music and magick and their link for the course of over nine years. Making Qabbalistically inclined music, with influences from, and corresponded to, multiple forms of divination and models of the cosmos (spanning numerous cultures and systems of belief). By using the harmonic/melodic correspondences found in esoteric orders to various aspects of the universe (representing sum totals of a vast stage of ideas combined into one central point of energy relating to that sphere) he attempts to map these forces and the way they interact….then put them to music by channeling the specific forces needing to be invoked through my conciousness' bio-computer, as he improvs to write the song…like a meditation/ritual of sorts to give each track the proper feel, whilst still working within this rigid model for "sacred music"…The songs being similiar to a ritualistic setting in which EVERYTHING has to be of a nature akin to the forces wishing to be invoked, in this way he attempts to assure that it has a proper form enabling it to act as a vessel for these concepts, given life on the archetypal plane through the listeners subjective experience….this is then combined with planetary tuning, brainwaves and other esoteric music theory pertaining to metaphysics, which has effects in all level of the music from various settings on gear, tempo, melody, etc….on a similiar note randomness is employed in the musical setting as a way to not only play off of divine synchronicity but also a means to influence the general outcome through meditating to try to effect and bring under control the EMI field of the machines involved through non-local quantum interfacing with the etheric body and thusly allow this to build and change the sound in various manners

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