• radiolog n°2

    14 Oct 2008, 16:08 by polyEsther

    well well well what can i say i am really surprised by myslef and my musical taste in the last few days. mainly because i told myself i would like it and now i really do. i am talking about german singer songwriter. i thought they were all the same but wow how must was i mistaken.

    here some favourites of mine from the last few days:

    Bernhard Eder- lovely little man (nothing personal) from austria really convinced me with his new album tales from the east side. i thought before he was okay but nothing too special. but this second album really raised the bar.

    My Sister Grenadine - i discovered him before but in the last week i wrote a review about his album and through the listening i fell in love again and i noticed what i loved about him. his honesty. amazing.

    Norman Palm - he is a bit more sophisticated then the last two but definitely not arrogant. its just a bit more elaborate as if he is a perfectionist at cleaning tunes so long that thex just sound like they in the one and only place for them to be.
  • ein song ...

    29 Apr 2007, 18:02 by kaddis

    ein song...

    * …der dich traurig macht: Black Rust - from the edge of the bed

    * …bei dem du weinen musst: das kommt natürlich immer auf die situation an und was man mit dem lied verbindet, wenn ich aber in einer labilen stimmung bin dann dieses hier: Damien Rice - Blowers Daughter
    * …der dich glücklich macht: The Ark - Patchouli

    * …bei dem du sofort gute laune kriegst: I'm from Barcelona - We're From Barcelona

    * …bei dem du nicht still sitzen kannst: ich bin eh recht unruhig aber wenn dann: The Whitest Boy Alive -Burning (eher kopfgymnastik) sowie Peter Bjorn & John - Young Folks
    * …der deiner Meinung nach zu kurz ist: Irene - Stardust
    * …der dir etwas bedeutet: Flunk - Morning Star & Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars

    * …den du ununterbrochen hören kannst: naja ununterbrochen ist vielleicht zuviel aber ich habe mal intensiv Anajo - Mein erstes richtiges Liebeslied gehört