• Review: Out of the Woods by Ian Neal

    11 Jun 2012, 05:21 by SonicEscapes

    By Jack Preis

    Grade: A-

    When you first enter Ian Neal’s world on his 2011 sophomore album Out of the Woods, you wonder where the deep, ominous synthesizer is taking you. You’re then suddenly confronted by a British man narrating of Rudyard Kipling’s “The Storm Cone.” When the poem ends, a female vocalist is met with Pink Floyd-esque guitar licks, slowly building to a symphonic catharsis. What just happened? You find yourself unable to completely classify this beautiful music, but you definitely hear influence of 70s progressive rock, and a healthy dose of contemporary classical composition.

    On this album, the challenge is trying to hear each layered instrument play off the others; Neal is certainly not shy with his intricate instrumentation. In the first five minutes, you hear layers of guitars, bass, flutes, violins, synthesizers, vocals and spoken word. Many of the classical instruments are synthesized, but the software he employs makes them sound very authentic. …
  • Ian Neal Interview by Jack Preis of Sonic Escapes

    9 Jun 2012, 18:12 by SonicEscapes

    Last week I was lucky enough to share a phone call with one of my personal favorite new progressive artists, Ian Neal. Not your average rocker, Ian is a 45-year-old lecturer at the University of Derby in England who recently finished his PhD in Victorian art. Unique for working on one track at a time and recording and producing alone in his home, Ian’s 2011 sophomore album Out of the Woods captivated listeners with progressive themes, spoken poetry, classical influence and recorded samples of nature.

    JP: I think the first question that’s on my mind when we play Out of the Woods is which instruments are you authentically playing, and which ones are synthesized as part of the studio?
    IN: Well, okay, when you say authentically playing, it’s all authentically played, a lot of the sounds are based from a keyboard and played from a piano. Are you a bit of a muser yourself, Jack?

    JP: Yeah, I have a pretty good idea of different instruments.
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    29 Aug 2010, 18:25 by Wonaldo

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