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1) IT = Infinito 2017 + Thaione Davis

2) Alaska (from Hangar 18) + Cryptic One (from Atoms Family).

3) A Japanese Visual kei band.—->> It

4) Formed in 1999, It is a now defunct indie-underground alternative four-piece based in Tokyo, Japan.

5) Eclectic prog band from US
The music has the complexity of VISIBLE WIND, some ambiences reminiscent of PULSAR and DE DE LIND, some folkish accents à la JETHRO TULL plus a bit of PINK FLOYD. The vocalist sounds vaguely like Justin Hayward.

The first half of the album emphasizes the vocal tracks whereas the second favours longer, epic instrumentals. Among those, you’ll hears some bombastic GENESIS and PINK FLOYD-like passages with excellent guitar riffs as well as more pastoral moments with flute and acoustic guitar. Not overly complex but well done overall.
If you like art rock with the crisp sound of the 80’s, you’ll surely enjoy this album.

5) It was formed in (Uppsala, Sweden) the dying days of 2004 by Jakob Jacobsson (bass, vocals) and Hampus Wikmark (drums). Nothing really happened until August 2005, when Miklos Novaky (bass) joined the band. Sweet music was made in the first jam session, and that song would later be called "Många fler". The first year saw a lot of laughs, a lot of ideas, and of course a lot of jolt cola and chilling.

6) The 2002 Aquaplaning Festival set up the basis of the IT project by the meeting of Stefan Manceau, dj, producer, Starbaby Label founder, and Georges Flachon, aka JoFlash, musician, producer, sound engineer.

The two of them met several years earlier when remixing Titonton Duvantés track Voyeurism ; but its only at the festival where Stefan played live that they both felt like working together.

From the beginning, the American house music was the basis of their project ; Stefan has just returned from the States where he spent seven years where he met there the new generation of US dj : Titonton Duvanté, John Tejada, Dan Curtin, Morgan Geist … that he has signed under his Starbaby Record label.

7) Seventies Spanish free electronic music duo.

Eduardo Polonio: synthesizer, organ, bass.
Horacio Vaggione: synthesizer, electric guitar, bass.

8) iT, slovenian electro-acoustic singer (real name Irena Tomažin)
iT is a ’’one (wo)man band’’ and at least 2 dictaphones, playing with many voices…otherwise iT is a dancer, performer… doing her own performances and collaborating with others (many beautiful people who gave me and taught me a lot…) i love to have second home on the stage…the first one is in my body, that multiplies through voices… i’m hunting somewhere ’in between’ the moving steps and silent echoes…shifting to catch a balance… but always willing to fall… to fall for something (’’always’’ is … when i’m brave enough…)

9) IT = Infinite Track. Korean hip-hop group (three members) from the late 1990s. "Forever In Love" featured a sample from The Isley Brothers.

10) IT = IT. UK/Canadian hard rock/progressive rock band. Current album 'Departure' 2009 on Sonic Vista Music label (UK).
See: http://www.spacehouse.tv

11) Canadian Black Metal band (Winnipeg, Manitoba).
See: http://www.metal-archives.com/band.php?id=27791

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