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  1. Vocal : TATSUYA

    Guitar : YOUDAI
    WHITEBLACK → Lucy MonoStone, MiU…

  2. correct tag!!: 藍華柳

    藍華柳 (Aikaryu) is a visual kei indies band with a metal influenced sound. Their costumes are usually theme-based (Pirates,…

  3. INCORRECT TAG FOR マルル !!!

  4. Vocal: TAKASHI (ZEAL → LUAZY)
    Guitar: KEN (LUAZY → 鬼丸 → FOURTH CRATCH)
    Guitar: TOMOZO (LUAZY → SoAK → BACK BONE → SULFURIC ACID → Black:List,…

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  6. 独立国歌-Ashe'- was an indies visual kei band, formed in October 2007 and disbanded August 2009.

    Vocal: ひろん (Hiron) (フォトスフィア → Regret →…

  7. Members:
    Vocal: Ruli
    Guitar: MIZUKU
    Guitar: akira
    Bass: Kanoe
    Drums: Reilu
    Status: Disbanded
    Since: 2004~2005
    Spelling: ディバイスアンディスペアー…

  8. There are three bands named Licker:
    1) LICKER was a Japanese band from Ōsaka
    2) Licker is a punk band from Houston, Texas
    3) LICKER (Chicago)…

  9. J∀CK11 (JACK11) was a visual kei/pop rock band that formed in 2005. Their costumes, music, lyrics and performances were the concept of playing…

  10. D&L was a Japanese band which was formely known as RENNY AMY and has changed its name to D&L in 2007.

    Meaning of the name:
    D =…

  11. Guy's family (ガイズファミリー) is a Japanese Rock band ( visual kei ). Kight ( ex. Kaito from Shulla ) is on Vocal, Reo ( ex. Dai from plu'to and Clavier )…

  12. (1997~2000)

    Line up:
    Gu : KENZO
    Gu : BOBBY
    Dr : NAO

  13. ClearVeil was a visual kei band that formed in 2007, featuring members from many rather well-known visual kei groups. Their sound was quite…

  14. Dollis Marry (ドーリスマリィ) were originally formed in 2005 in Japan, they consisted of 聖樹 (Seiju) on Vocals, 依織 (Iori) on Keyboard and Guitar, 叶恋…

  15. Like absolute myself is a fairly new band which started their activities in 2006. Their first concert was in HOLIDAY SHINJUKU on July 21st.


  16. Member:
    Vocals: 小夜 (Sayo) ヴァルキューレ → ポワトリン → サウイフモノ
    Bass: でぬ (Denu) CalcoBrena → ポワトリン → サウイフモノ
    Guitar: 銀芽 (Ginga) GROSS → ゼラット → ポワトリン →…

  17. Anjyu' was a Japanese indies band made up of ジュキ on vocals, ゆっきー on guitar, yoshi on bass, and 姫雛~Hina~ on drums. Their first live took place…

  18. Saruin-サルーイン- was a visual kei rock band from Tokyo, Japan formed by Maria and Yanagi in 2003. In January 2004, drummer Reiga joined followed by…

  19. gechena was a ビジュアル系 (Visual Kei) band consisting of ソラ on vocals (ex. AURORA), ラミ on drums (ex.Lilith→Uma→beaU), カズキ on bass and ユエ on guitar…

  20. Incorrect tag for the artist 秋葉原少年団☆電脳ロメオ!


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