• In bed with IAMX

    22 Apr 2011, 15:26 by der_Karl

    Zur deutschen Version

    After I missed their show at Blackfield Festival 2009 I finally got to see IAMX live on stage. That was about damn time!

    The concert took place at "Das Bett" (translates to "The Bed") in Frankfurt. Doors opened at 8pm and the show should've started at 9pm. However, when I arrived at the venue at 5 past 9 they had barely even started with the sound check. Additionally the club was literally packed with people. So the air inside was already thick enough to be cut with a knife. ;)

    Anyhow, people were starting to get a bit impatient. With every change to the lighting they started cheering - the band wouldn't appear on stage until almost 9:30. But their show definitely made up for the long wait. One thing that struck me first: Chris Corner looks even more fragile in reality than he does on photos.

    Starting with Music People IAMX delivered a really fantastic show. …