• Операция "Лифт Ап"

    21 Apr 2009, 06:17 by Illuminare

    Операция по подъему в топ 8 рейтинга замечательной команды I:Scintilla продолжается. Винамп второй день крутит только их. Причем у меня их всего ничего - альбом с хвостиком.
    Однако, вставляет... :)
    До Анхейлига, до Его Сиятельства Графа, красотке-вамп, Бриттани Бидрим (кажется, так), конечно, никогда не добраться. Весовые категории разные.
    Но пара песен у них очень доставляет. The Bells, в частности.
  • solipsistic NATION No. 116: Alfa Matrix

    21 Nov 2008, 20:34 by solipsisticast

    When I listen to aggrotech, dark elektro or synthpop I sometimes flashback on my days as a young punk in Boston. Like a lot of punks, I was an angry lad full of venom and punk and hardcore perfectly expressed the intensity of my feelings.

    The problem was that I wasn’t full of rage 24 hours a day.

    I had other emotions that punk simply couldn’t express. A gloomy, overcast day went perfect with The Smiths (and there are a lot of gloomy, overcast days in Boston. When I was up for a night of debauchery James Brown was my kick start for the evening. When I was falling in love Coltrane’s “Naima” would evoke the sublime and if I was heartbroken I could commiserate with Hank Williams “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry.” And if I was in the mood for some dark, trashy fun I’d throw in some Front 242 or Sleep Chamber.

    To admit this to any of the punks I hung out with inevitably led to being labeled a poseur, which is about the worst thing you can call a punk. …
  • Set List 9/12/07

    13 Sep 2007, 22:37 by rivetkitten

    So my first show of the semester was fairly awesome. Since the show wasn't streaming, I wasn't expecting a lot of listeners. But I got one call from someone saying that WDUB had made his day two days in a row- first yesterday with Hunter's metal show, then tonight with me playing industrial. Awesome. Also, when I left the station tonight, I heard classical music. That means that the WOSU NPR station was coming through, which means the radio was tuned to 91.1, which means that the staff of Slayter (the food area) was tuned in! Also, someone who is in my Spanish class made (non-rude) hand gestures at me through the window. And one of my roomies was a guest DJ for an hour, and has decided that she needs to listen to my music more. (Yes!)

    And now, the set list. As always, * denotes a request.

    Without Emotions
    Yu-Gung (Adrian Sherwood mix)
    Be My Druidess
    There Is No God
    *Your Best Nightmare
    *Saft Und Kraft