• A rather sombre evening.

    3 May 2010, 14:33 by strawpig

    Sun 11 Apr – June Tabor and Huw Warren

    I was actually impressed with June Tabors voice. She's aged well and actually sounded a lot better than I was expecting. It was a good gig but there's a rather big but. Everything about it was depressing. The choice of music was depressing. The lighting was depressing. The way she was dressed was depressing. I know Huw Warren from somewhere. I'm not sure where but I do.

    I listened to Leonard Cohen on the drive home to cheer myself up.
  • ithinkmusic - selling your downloads?

    25 Dec 2007, 23:12 by samsaunders

    A link from a link read today lead me to ithinkmusic

    I hadn't heard of it before.

    It would seem to be a good way for artists and small labels to manage their own download sales without being drawn into large royalty payments to corporate sloths like iTunes.

    The link is:

    Does anyone have experience/knowledge/opinons of the organisation?

    I have just bought a very nice album to download - Huw Warren's 100s of Things A Boy Can Make. This was from Babel Label who also have a lot of Billy Jenkins stuff and who are using the ithinkmusic system.

    The whole train of thought and action followed from a Wired article by David Byrne just here:
  • Quercus - June Tabor / Huw Warren / Iain Ballamy

    14 Mar 2006, 22:49 by samsaunders

    I was surprised how hard it was to write this. I think that the musicianship was so far out of my own league that I just got too self conscious about the amateurish lack of proper research and clarity ... but here is how it goes:

    QUERCUS – June Tabor / Huw Warren / Iain Ballamy
    Leeds College of Music Venue, March 12 2006

    For forty years June Tabor has had no equal in turning narrative songs into emotional and spiritual experience. As a school girl singing Festés "Come Away Death" in Twelfth Night, as a teenage folk performer duetting with her friend Polly Bolton at the Heart of England Folk Club, with the Oysterband singing a definitive version of "All Tomorrow's Parties", or singing with Huw Warren on a jazz festival stage in Berlin, she can stop time and draw tears from the stoniest heart. She sings with compassion, honesty, stoicism and a painfully acute sense of life's transitory hold.

    Tonight, as befits real art, we don't know what to expect. The tickets promise "June Tabor Trio". …
  • June Tabor, The Sage Gateshead, 23/06/2005

    27 Aug 2005, 00:12 by unevendays

    Thu 23 Jun – June Tabor

    June Tabor, The Sage Gateshead

    I arrived around a half hour early, and was thus able to nab a seat right at the front by the piano. It was a gorgeous beast - a lovely, black, shiny Steinway. This was to be played by the fantastic Huw Warren, who is most wonderful. Martin Simpson wasn't there, apparently he just became a father somewhat off schedule, but I didn't even notice. The rest of the band were: an accordian player (I later found out that this was Andy Cutting, who also plays with Kate Rusby, sax, violin and double bass. June was wearing a nice long dress with a waistcoat with shiny mirrors that kept catching the light and dazzling the audience. She opened the set with Johnny, Johnny, which was so gorgeous. I worried that I'd perhaps built it up too much and when I saw her live it wouldn't be as good as I expected, but it was even better! She likes to do gigs on a theme, and tonight's was on the theme of 'love'. …