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1. Howard The Duck is the greatest movie ever made in my opinion.
Howard the Duck is Howard, originally from Duckworld but later got sent to Cleveland, Ohio.

Previously in another band, Howard And The Heartbreakers, he later ended up getting a job as an advertisement copywriter. Originally, his parents had wanted him to be a plastic surgeon, making big bucks doing beak jobs and tail tucks. But he later dropped out of med school because he wanted to make music. This turned out to be "just a pipe dream" and that is when he got that "promising job", just one night before he was blasted into space while sitting on his living room chair reading "Playduck". "Oh, no! It's a quake!" shouts Howard. Then, Howard ends up in Cleveland and eventually finds a girl, Beverly, whom he saved. "That's it, no more Mr. Nice Duck" says Howard. He saves Beverly by using Quack Fu, which he is a master of. In the end, Howard saved the planet Earth from the Dark Overlords of The Universe and then he joined Beverly on stage and played the guitar solo in the song. In The Beginning there was, HOWARD THE DUCK!


Howard The Duck Soundtrack

2. Howard the Duck is Nick from Cape Coral, Florida.

Previously in heavier bands, I wanted to do something different, something softer and more melodic. Influenced by 90's pop punk and indie/emo (if you want to call it that), it's just a sincere way of communicating through notes and rhythm.


Demo cassette (March '09)


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