• Music I listened to September 13th 2007 - February 7th 2008

    7 Feb 2008, 05:40 by Tego

    I went back to Japan on September 13, 2007, to study there for a year. I've been listening to so much great music since then, I once again feel like wrapping it all up in a journal entry here on This past fall/winter marked some changes in my music listening habits. First of all, I'm listening to even more music now than I did before.

    Until September, it was normal for me to listen to about 300 tracks every week. My charts now clearly show that the normal amount became about 500 tracks after I came to Japan. That's 200 more tracks per week! Assuming each track is about 4 minutes long in average, that means more than 13 more hours of music listening per week. Wow. There are three reasons for this, I think: 1) I live on my own and I'm thus able to listen to music every second I'm inside my apartment (which I basically do. I only take breaks when watching DVDs and when sleeping) 2) I've been studying so much Japanese in libraries and cafés and coffee shops…
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    22 Feb 2007, 01:04 by indie2007

    som desses cras é maior legal nunca havia ouvido nada igual no brasil