• Most annoying band names. Ever.

    20 Oct 2007, 21:14 by heliotropic2005

    I may be forgetting some, but the following band names are so bad that Panic! At the Disco suddenly seems like the title of a buried Hitchcock picture.

    1. Anal C*** - Nothing needs to be said really. Their music is just as bad though. Really.
    2. Pissed Jeans - I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard these guys’ music or if I ever will because I’ll never get passed their horrid name.
    3. Shit Disco - When I was young I thought this was the only kind of disco. Band name still sucks, though.
    4. Test Icicles - Oh, you guys are so clever. Clever like the writers of Balls of Fury. “Get this guys; we’ll call our selves testicles, but not really, but when everyone first sees our name on a poster, they’ll think it’s about testicles. How’s that for getting noticed?” What, were these guys 12 when they named their band… or just stinking plastered?
    5. Gay Against You - That doesn’t make sense even.
    6. The Number 12 Looks Like You - That’s… honestly, I don’t know what.
  • Hoobastank: The Complete Discography

    8 Apr 2007, 11:17 by katiedistance

    A HUGE Hoobastank REVIEW.

    After becoming obsessed with Crawling in the Dark lately, and knowing only one other song of theirs (The Reason ~ really sappy ballad, IMO), I decided to get their whole discography and see what they're like more generally. So here it is, a review of all of their albums, for what it's worth...

    * Every Man For Himself
    I find this album very meek, very mediocre... None of the songs really stick with me, with the exception of Without A Fight and Look Where We Are, perhaps. All the other songs are either boring relationship songs (like Inside Of You {eugh, honestly!} or Good Enough) or songs about identity and whatnot, focusing mostly on mass propaganda etc (see First of Me). I think I may have heard If Only on the greek radio, which is good for their publicity I guess, but it resembles The Reason in more than one way, which is not good for their music. Overall, this album has nothing new to offer; it's relatively good to have it playing in the background when you're doing something…