• Loud and Clear by M. Taufiqurrahman (taken from

    21 Dec 2009, 09:54 by naviculamusic

    Published in the Jakarta Post | Sat, 12/19/2009 5:17 PM |
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    It’s only rock ‘n’ roll, some say. But in the case of , rock music has played an important part in political opposition movements, especially against the authoritarian New Order regime. With no obvious political bugaboos to fight today, M. Taufiqurrahman asks if it still has a role to play in the nascent democracy.

    Rock music, its underground incarnation in particular, played a crucial part in the effort to topple the New Order regime, one scholar asserts.

    Ethnomusicologist Jeremy Wallach of Ohio’s Bowling Green State University argues that the performative politics of indigenously produced underground rock music helped lay the groundwork for an oppositional consciousness among Indonesian students.

    “ later found an expression in the grassroots protest movement responsible for toppling the Soeharto regime…
  • Indie-nesia...

    15 Jun 2008, 01:55 by datakid

    I've just come back from my first short stay in Indonesia. Spent most of my time in Jakarta and Bandung, and while I only got to see the one band, I managed to pick up some great cds.

    I met a few music kids while there, and was given a comprehensive list of "indie" bands to check out, but from what I could gather they didn't play live that often - I think indie is more the sound than the live idea. I did notice bands playing more frequently, but they seemed to be more punk rock, and I didn't actually go see anything, so whether they were of the Eddie Current Suppression Ring variety, the Purple Rainbow variety, or the bland variety is yet to be discovered.

    White Shoes & The Couples Company were seemingly the hit of the town, and their new cd Skenario Masa Muda is quite pretty lounge pop that I am enjoying a lot. Their marketing is exquisite - beautiful photos, and cd's well packaged.

    Without a doubt there have been two standout cds so far. …