• Sugababes - Taller In More Ways

    29 Mar 2006, 18:34 by kellykristen

    My sister just sent me the 'Taller in More Ways' CD, which is the Sugababes fourth album. I wanted her to get me a copy with Mutya singing on the entire album before they re-relased the album with Amelle. Of course, I'll get a copy of both, but it's impossible to get Sugababes gear over here without paying a hefty import price so there was a bit of a rush on it!

    As a whole, the album is kind of lacklustre. Tracks like Red Dress, Push the Button and Ugly lead me to believe it would be much different than it was. Sadly, there are some tracks on here that fall into the "filler" category but I am still able to listen to it from beginning to end and remain happy.

    The first track, Push the Button, is awesome. I think it went #1 in Britain, and rightfully so! An upbeat song with a catchy chorus and bridge, it's perfect to dance to, to work to, and bop around the house to as you do your day to day stuff.

    The second track, Gotta Be You, had to grow on me. …