• solipsistic NATION No. 169: Pixicast

    27 Nov 2009, 19:09 by solipsisticast


    The music on today’s show comes to us by our guest DJ, Marie Craven, know to many as Pixieguts. Pixieguts is a member of the bands Cwtch and PIXSID. She is also the founder of the Palace Network and co-produces the Pixicast with Dave Almgren, also know as Voide. Pixicast is a show that focuses entirely on music that comes from indie and netlabels.

    Pixieguts was also kind enough to provide the show notes for today’s show.

    GreenGender’s track, “Recondite Loss” is full of delicate emotion, irony, political comment and simply good to hear.

    Dementio13 has been making electronic music since the 1980s and “Disappeared (The Ballad Of Milton Friedman)” is from his 2009 EP release, The Ballad of Milton Friedman. The range of Dementio13’s music mixes up and travels around various genres like , , , , and .

    I’ve chosen Humeka’s “The Sound” because I just particularly love this one. …