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Hi Ho, Six Shooter was first conceived as a joke on a fateful summer night in 2002, the culprits: Steven John MacLauchlan, John Patrick Stinnett, and a shirtless Jared Sydnor Cole Brown. The music was a catchy acoustic sing-a-long fest with a Country-Western flavor. At that particular moment in history though, each of the three was involved in what were at the time deemed “more important things”. A few songs were recorded here and there, but for the most part all the efforts of this early version of HH6S were lost through the cracks.

Eventually the opportunity presented itself for a full commitment to this Western-themed band, and two of the original three members (Steven and Patrick) jumped on the wagon immediately while the third decided to break away from the group (there was always tension between Jared and the others, which friends speculated as stemming from the jealousy of not being a part of the bond that the other two shared: they both had “John” as one of their three names. Jared frequently suggested broadening the scope of the similarity criterion to a sharing of names that started with the letter ‘J’, which the other two eventually accepted “to get him to shut the hell up about it”. Says Patrick, “Even Jared knew it was a sham.”).

At this point, Steven and Patrick set out to record Hi Ho Six Shooter’s first full-length album with Justin Brown and Jeff Carey as new additions to the band, playing the drums and bass guitar, respectively. This album, entitled “Passing Through Just Like A Ghost”, would mark the beginning of HH6S as we know it today. Through it was told a collection of tales of the Old West, complete with cowboys, sheriffs, and brothels; murder, vengeance, and honor; hoedowns, throw downs, and showdowns. A simple weaving of traditional rock instruments with the Westerny sounds of trumpets, trombones, and violins helped create a convincingly authentic-sounding mix of cowboy punk rock straight out of the 1800’s.

The band’s next release, a 7” about the Civil War entitled “The Battle of Mine Creek”, found the Hi Ho boys exploring a darker side of their musical ability. Many attributed this newfound darkness to the recent departure of bassist Jeff Carey, arguably “the whitest dude ever”, but the truth is: no one knows what led to this sudden shift in color. Whatever it was, Hi Ho Six Shooter was delving into parts of their talent that were not before tapped, opening up their sound to more and more musical possibilities. This, of course, did not mean the end of the fun lovin’, rootin’ tootin’ HH6S everyone had come to know and love: a claim left to be proven by their upcoming EP release, “A Discourse on Death and Dying; Or, The Gravedigger’s Muddy Shovel”. With the addition of bass player Matt Higginbotham and keyboard/trumpet player Adam Tsai, the band has filled out their sound and is ready to revisit the wild and crazy days of yore, with a floozy on every corner and always a cold sarsaparilla at the ready!

Hi Ho Six Shooter is:
Steven MacLauchlan: Guitar, Vocals, Trombone
Patrick Stinnett: Guitar, Vocals, Trumpet
Justin Brown: Drums, Salad Bowl
Matt Higginbotham: Bass Guitar
Adam Tsai: Organ, Trumpet, Back-up Vocals

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