• Metal Artist Pages That Need Your Help (Vote Images!)

    3 Nov 2009, 02:23 by Deathriderdoom

    To all you metal fans out there – I created this blog to hopefully remind some of you out there that we need to start taking over these band pages that have multiple artists. Since have refused to do anything about separating out artists that have the same name (For example Glacier), we have to make do with sharing the pages with lame hip-hop, pop and dance artists. It makes me sick. Therefore, I will use this thread to comment on band pages that have other artists on them clogging up the page. If you see a band mentioned on here you know, please head over to the page and vote up the photos of the real (metal) artists, and VOTE DOWN the pictures of the other artists. Also, if you have time please update the bio (preferably with the metal band first – as these are usually the earliest bands with the name). Just thought it could be a good idea to have the metal bands take over the pages a bit more coz I’m sick of clicking on a band to see gay artists their instead of the rightful (chronologically) metal bands.