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    26 Nov 2011, 17:58 by kmullin

  • Henry Butler @ UCLA

    9 Mar 2006, 00:34 by darinae

    Henry Butler visited my Ethnomusicology class a few weeks ago, and his performance in our class just blew me away. I went to his concert-lecture at the Lenart Auditorium in the UCLA Fowler Museum, and I wrote a performance report on it (which I submitted for my ETHNOMU class). So here's what I wrote:

    Fat Tuesday couldn't have been a more appropriate date for a concert and lecture by New Orleans musician, Henry Butler. His presentation, called "Spices in Your Gumbo: The Uniqueness of New Orleans Music," was a part of the UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History's exhibition of ¡CARNAVAL! For a very short hour and a half in Lenart Auditorium, Butler demonstrated the variety of piano styles that are characteristic of New Orleans and he explained their various origins.

    In the dim lit auditorium, the event began with introductions by Bonnie Poon, who thanked the sponsors, and Ms. Cheryl Keyes, who read a small biography of Henry Butler. …