• free E.P download

    7 Jun 2008, 04:52 by carlovely

    Hello Control has been partnered up with hot topic recently, and they're offering their debut e.p for free on hottopic.com

    download it here!
  • some new good bands

    1 May 2008, 17:31 by greghowe44

    holiday unheard of

    forever the sickest kids


    your sweet uncertainty

    karate high school

    seven story fall

    hello control

    bury your dead

    the pilot


    memphis may fire

    gatsby’s american dream

    every avenue

    we the kings

    bring me the horizon


    the postal service


    death from above 1979


    death by stereo

    the color of violence

    you, me, and everyone we know

    person l


    i can make a mess like nobody’s business

    Kill Hannah


    Another Day Late

    Crime In Stereo

    Four Year Strong

    The Subtle Way

    after the tragedy

    between buried and me


    the number twelve looks like you

    sailing to rome

    metro station


    the color fred

    she wants revenge

    this runs through

    Envy On The Coast

    Classic Addict

    Closure In Moscow

    Forever Wings Fold

    Love Me Electric

    HORSE The Band

    Dance Gavin Dance

    Pierce The Veil