• Little by little is free!

    3 Oct 2005, 08:41 by miknight

    I'm glad to see (yet another?) band releasing their album to the public via the internet. It's not just 30 second samples or streaming, but the whole album in beautiful, high-quality encoded MP3 and OGG formats. They're distributing them via Bittorrent and direct link. Whoever was behind this idea, they certainly have a clue.

    Hopefully with the extra publicity they generate from it they can show other artists out there how it really should be done.

    Check out http://www.harveydanger.com/downloads/.
  • Bumbershoot

    16 Sep 2005, 01:48 by bloomshakalaka

    so the lineup wasn't as amazing this year, but i still got to see Flogging Molly (who rocked. hard.), Harvey Danger (who are far more awesome than i gave them credit for), Visqueen, The Decemberists (who were even better live), and Aqueduct. things like that make me realize how very lucky i am to live in seattle. harvey danger's new album definitely seems like it's worth picking up, if i ever have money again.