• Artists that need to be merged.

    16 Dec 2008, 03:31 by TheRealEvilOne

    Since a lot of artists have multiple pages on Last.fm (and no need to say it is annoying...), I made a list of some artists that should be merged. I will update this journal entry when I find new mistagged artists, even if I don't expect it to be exhaustive at all - there are LOADS of them, so I'm not gonna spend all my time searching for them. Add your own in the comments if you want.

    For the moment it seems it is not possible to merge artists, but since it is a major issue that is debated for some time within the Last.fm community, I hope the staff will be able to do something about it in the future (it was possible to merge artists like 2-3 years ago).

    Thanks to the search function, I came across a lot of wrongly tagged artists, much more than I would expect, which made me think the problem really has to be solved. I ignored the ones with a really small amount of listeners, but still, the number of wrong tags used by hundreds of listeners is scary (and it's sort of…